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Our Team

We are an eclectic group of valley kids. From Porter Ranch to Woodland Hills, to Van Nuys, we've all found a home at Duckyard and we can't wait to meet you and nerd-out about coffee with you!

We adore our regulars, especially the wet-nosed variety. Come check us out, we're pretty fun. 




An excerpt from the Daily News:

“Once we opened it was like ‘wow’,” said Julie. “The neighbors and the police came, and the firefighters and the teachers from across the street. People here know what’s up.”

The bright cafe with outdoor seating that juts up against the parking lot serves up a full variety of specialty coffee drinks, from what to what, and pastries alongside health-inspired eats like wraps, paninis and acai bowls.

Running this coffee shop just blocks from the house where they’re raising two kids is a business venture. But for this couple, it’s also about paying homage to their history in the Valley and commitment to what they believe is Lake Balboa’s bright future.

Julie and Luis Tipacti
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